A home is one of the biggest investments you will make. A home inspection costs less than 0.2% of the cost of a home, yet can reveal issues that could cost thousands or more. You want to be able to move forward in the home buying process with confidence. That is where we come in.

When you order an Apex Home Inspection, you have the option of being present for the home inspection or coming at the end. Either way, it is our pleasure to walk you through the home. We believe our job is to ensure that you truly understand the home you are moving toward purchasing. This means going through the entire house with you unhurriedly, showing and explaining the defects that will be noted in the inspection report, walking you through the utilities so that you understand the “guts” of the house, and providing ample opportunity for you to ask questions.

Our typical inspection times are 9AM and 2PM. Depending on the timing of the inspection, we will either drop the radon monitor 2 days before the inspection and you will have the results at the inspection, or we will set the monitor at the inspection and get you the results 48 hours later. All of this is performed by Certified Professional Inspectors, Certified Radon Measurement Providers, and backed by our “Buy-Back Guarantee”.

At Apex, we know that you are not just purchasing a home inspection report. You are looking for confidence. Schedule an Apex Home Inspection today and move forward with confidence.